The investment we make in people is our greatest value, and we are committed to developing new opportunities for our employees.

Established in 2018, YILDIRIM Academy is responsible for the continuous development and empowerment of all our employees. As part of a rapidly changing and transforming environment, our mission is to create the company of tomorrow. With this goal in mind, the Academy strives to empower employees through honing their skills and broadening their horizons. As a corporate academy, we serve all our employees across the 57 countries we are present in, with state-of-the-art facilities and training methods. Our values mirror our ethical approach, and we aim at establishing a learning culture and a growth mindset across our entire organization.
At YILDIRIM Academy, we manage all learning-related activities. Our central team is responsible for a wide set of initiatives and projects, from programs designed to develop corporate culture, global values and strategic managerial and leadership competencies, to group-wide learning activities held at the YILDIRIM Tower. This team is also in charge of setting global standards and working practices, and reporting over all initiatives. Similarly, our subsidiaries’ teams run the learning initiatives related to their respective sectors, with the goal of sharpening the employees’ strategic expertise in parallel with their technical and soft skills.
As YILDIRIM Academy, we aim to build all our activites on a sustainable basis and to provide maximum benefit as part of a rapidly changing and transforming system.