Respect for a healthy planet and the environment is what defines us. We are committed to leading the way in overcoming today’s most pressing environmental issues.


At YILDIRIM, we work to provide end-to-end solutions to our global customers, leveraging the synergies created by our subsidiaries. Our main goal is to diversify our business portfolio, while putting in place a solid and sustainable growth model. Over the course of the last years, we focused on improving our practices and operations across all our divisions to establish an efficient and sustainable business environment.
We are aware of the impact we have on society and on the environment in all our business areas, and we strive to minimize the negative externalities caused by carbon footprints, waste and resource consumption. In particular, our Zero Waste policy is the foundation of all our efforts, aiming at recycling the materials used in production and at redirecting resources to the communities around us. In this sense, we made our primary commitment to have a well-rounded positive impact on the areas surrounding our production centers, by improving social welfare and engaging with all stakeholders.


Untenable patterns of production and consumption are among the main causes of the global environmental and climate crisis. Not only do these issues affect the livelihood of current generations, but they threaten altogether the livability of humankind on our planet.
We are aware of our impact, and through our subsidiaries, we are implementing concrete actions to shift our practices towards responsible consumption. Since 2019, YILPORT Holding Gebze and Gemport terminals have been using state-of-the-art LED lighting system technologies. As a result, the electricity consumption of the terminals has become sustainable, safe, and smooth. Similarly, YILMADEN Holding implemented the ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System at Eti Krom’s Ferrochrome Factory. The fan blades of the cooling towers were replaced with high-efficiency epoxy glass fan blades, and through this replacement, a reduction of 37.3% in annual energy consumption was achieved.


At YILDIRIM, we have already taken the first steps in our commitment to a livable planet. From implementing a strategic plan to reach Net Zero by 2050 to investing in renewable energy, we are determined to play our part and strengthen our response to the threat posed by climate change.
As a global conglomerate with operations running worldwide, it is our responsibility to set an example and lead the way towards positive change. Among the actions that we have implemented so far, the creation of a Solar Power Plant in the Elazig region of Türkiye, with a total capacity of 44 MW. This plant alone is expected to supply 16% of the total annual electricity consumption of the mining plant, which equals the annual energy consumption of over 31.000 households and will reduce around 48.000 tons of carbon emissions. While this certainly represents a milestone for the Group, it is just a starting point towards the realization of our extensive commitment.