At the heart of our actions there are our employees, stakeholders and communities. We believe success and prosperity come from fully empowering society.


As a global conglomerate operating in over 57 countries and with 25.000 employees located across 5 continents, our growth ambitions go hand in hand with the principles of sustainable economic development. While we aim at strengthening our leadership globally and achieving higher levels of productivity, we are aware that this goal cannot be reached without focusing on diversification, technological upgrading and innovation.
We are committed to promoting development-oriented policies that produce external benefits to the communities surrounding us, such as job creation, entrepreneurship and innovation, and we want to set an example to improve global resource efficiency in production and consumption. Our sustainable economic growth strategy also includes the safety of our workforce, representing a pillar of our approach: we pride ourselves on creating safe and secure working environments for all workers, and in particular for women.


At YILDIRIM, we strongly value education. Education gives people the knowledge and the power they need to be independent and to thrive. We believe that providing quality education for all is not just a fundamental right, but it also fosters the creation of a peaceful and prosperous world. We are aware that in most countries, equal access to education is far from being reached, so we made it a primary step of our sustainability agenda and we are implementing concrete actions to make an impact inside and outside of our organization.
Through YILDIRIM Academy and the many other education-related projects organized by the YILDIRIM Foundation, we offer constant opportunities of self-development and improvement to our employees and the communities around us. We care about the personal growth of every individual working under the umbrella of YILDIRIM Group. Therefore, our Human Resources teams work on building new activities for our employees and addressing issues such as talent management and career planning.


In building a prosperous society, the importance of gender equality cannot be overlooked. This is not just a fundamental human right, but the necessary foundation for a sustainable future. The progress made over the last decades, albeit important, is still not enough to consider this a settled issue. Additionally, the social and economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a downturn, causing progress in many areas to lag behind.
At YILDIRIM, we made gender equality one of our primary commitments and took action to accelerate its realization. Not only are we an equal opportunity employer, but through our YILDIRIM Foundation, we organize numerous initiatives to spread awareness on these topics and to offer help to the women in our communities. In this sense, the United 4 Her campaign is a testament to our commitment. The worrying data on violence against women prompted us to launch this project, with the goal of shedding light on the issue and contributing to its eradication.