Sustainability is embedded into our business strategy. We strive to achieve exceptional results while we work for a more prosperous future.

Sustainability has become an imperative for us all. As the threat of irreparable damage to our environment grows, the window for taking action is shrinking. For this reason, we committed to making sustainability one of our core values, embedding it into our strategy. In our business practices as much as in our relationships with stakeholders and operations, we raised the bar to achieve outstanding results and we strive to provide an example to our peers.
As of 2022, we created a dedicated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Department, led by the newly-appointed Executive Director of ESG. He will also chair the ESG Board and the ESG Committee and support the related sub-committees and working group. This will ensure that we will have a coordinated approach as well as a consistent program to effectively execute our commitment.


Sustainability is embedded into our business strategy, values and vision. Our operating standards encourage employees to adopt a sustainable approach to their work, all the while we engage with our stakeholders to understand their needs and align our expectations.
This is made possible by our strong and efficient corporate governance structure. We count on an extensive range of policies that ensure that YILDIRIM is well managed, and on control mechanisms that grant oversight of all operations and procedures to our central teams, making us a reliable organization and trusted partner. This configuration allows us to implement our sustainability agenda while maintaining a close alignment with all our internal and external stakeholders, never failing to deliver our promises.


At YILDIRIM, we believe that the most challenging environmental issues of our time cannot be faced alone, which is why we regularly engage with our stakeholders to create synergies and work together towards the same goals. As our operations span across different countries, continents and geographies, we constantly strive to minimize the impact we create and prioritize the prosperity and well-being of the communities around us.
Similarly, at the origin of our actions and efforts, there are always our employees, whose safety, health and development always come first. As an equal opportunity employer, we cherish diversity and encourage a workplace environment that embraces inclusion, integrity and mutual respect.


Respect for a healthy planet and the environment is what defines us. As a global conglomerate, we are committed to playing our part in overcoming today’s most pressing environmental issues. Not only we made sustainability a pillar of our Group strategy, but through our subsidiaries we are implementing concrete actions to reduce the impact of our operations.
From implementing a strategic plan to reach Net Zero by 2050 to redirecting our factories’ energy sources to the communities surrounding them, we have already taken the first steps to reach the ambitious goals we set. While we are aware that the road is still long, integrating sustainability practices in both our short and long-term plans is key to effective environmental management.