Our Culture

To deliver integrated solutions to our global customers, powered by the synergistic capabilities of our companies

To provide environment friendly growth and the best and most honest commitment to the global economy

• Passion for excellence
• Flexibility
• Innovation
• Integrity and respect
• Sustainability
• Appetite for challenge

Our Corporate Competencies
“Yıldırım Holding Competencies” is created to share with all Yıldırım Holding Employees those behaviors that are parallel with Yıldırım Holding’s vision, mission and corporate values and that enable high performance level, by creating a common corporate language. Competencies reflect the combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes that a high performing employee displays in a work environment. The competency statements describe observable excellent behaviors. Specific behavioral indicators are described under each competency heading. Yıldırım Holding Competencies Catalogue consists of 2 main parts:

Core Competencies These are behaviors expected from all Yıldırım Holding Employees, regardless of their positions in the Company. Yıldırım Holding Core Competencies are:
-Builds Constructive Communication,
-Drives for Results
-Embraces Teamwork,
-Is Customer Oriented,
-Respects Diversity

Managerial Competencies
These are the competencies expected from all Yıldırım Holding Managers. Yıldırım Holding Managerial Competencies are:
-Leads, Motivates and Guides Others,
-Drives Innovation and Change,
-Develops Self, The Team and The Organization,
-Embraces Strategical Thinking and Visionary.