YILFERT Holding is the number 1 producer of CAN fertilizer and ammonia in Turkey, and the third trader of fertilizers and chemicals (CAN, AN, DAP, AS, Urea) in Turkey


Gemlik Gubre is one of the Yildirim Holding associations and established in 1973, as a government enterprise. The company was bought by Yildirim Group following by government decision of privatization and became an entity of Yildirim Holding in 2004. After Yildirim group’s investment, Gemlik Gubre became one of the major fertilizer producers in Turkey. Our company holds a significant share of domestic fertilizer market by possessing over 1000 vendors and nearly 3000 agriculture sales cooperatives. Gemlik Gubre is aiming to fulfil the all fertilizer needs of their clients via production or importation. The company has 1.000.000 metric tonnes warehouse capacity in strategic locations of Turkey. Therefore nearly 600.000 metric tonnes fertilizer produced in our plant and up to 1.000.000 metric tonnes imported per year to reach its aims.