One of the most significant cultural venues in Istanbul, operating as an artistic hub hosting numerous creative projects.

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With a history spanning over two hundred years, Beykoz Kundura is one of the most significant historical and cultural epicentres in Türkiye, operating as a professional venue hosting innovative, interdisciplinary cultural artworks and projects.
Once a shoe factory, it has now evolved past its industrial beginnings that go back to Ottoman times, and has served as an invaluable cultural asset since the foundation of the Republic, greatly contributing to the development of the Turkish economy.
Beykoz Kundura has maintained over the years its majestic presence overlooking the Bosphorus, with its original industrial structure preserved, while continuing to act as a melting pot where ideas meet, thanks to the creative drive and direction set by the managing team.


Created with the idea of following the development of Beykoz Kundura over the years, Kundura Memory retraces the milestones of the factory as a production facility, serving as a living memory of the space. The archive of Kundura Memory is made of approximately two thousand images and documents that walk the audience through both the factory and Istanbul’s industrial and cultural heritage.


Beykoz Kundura has become one of Istanbul’s main cultural venues over the years. On a mission to preserve Türkiye’s tangible and intangible heritage, its set of events and initiatives, both permanent and temporary, aims at offering a unique experience to art & culture consumers.
Additionally, Beykoz Kundura’s facilities act as a setting for cinema and TV projects, also thanks to the investment in equipment like the greenbox and the technological fiber infrastructure.
The four-room boutique hotel on the premises serves as accommodation for the set crews. Demirane, amongst the most remarkable food and drink facilities in Beykoz Kundura, serves as a restaurant for all guests working or attending events in Beykoz Kundura.