Our Sustainability Vision

We are aware of our responsibility towards our stakeholders as a highly diversified global group of companies. That is why we place Sustainability at the heart of our strategies, decisions and actions as a core value of our corporation.

Our mission to create long-term sustainable value directs us to minimize the impact of our activities upon the environment, to use natural resources efficiently and to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.

We strive to drive transformation and progress throughout our organization using the inspiration stemming from our other core values: Passion for Excellence, Flexibility and Innovation.

In this direction, we are fully committed to promoting three essential components of sustainable development – environmental protection, economic development and social development – as interdependent and mutually reinforcing elements of a corporation. The application of these three concepts of sustainability has been an essential part of our company culture, spreading to every level of the organization.

Environmental Protection

In order to achieve long-term, sustainable growth that creates added value, YILDIRIM Group focuses on projects that are not only environmentally friendly but also highly efficient and sustainable, both in terms of cost and energy consumption.

Economic Development

Thanks to our financial strength and significant cash flow position, we are able to think and act long-term and to make sound decisions in terms of economic sustainability. Besides the innovative investments in energy and resource efficient technology, our group is also committed to performing continuous improvements in operations management and investing in the appropriate advanced technologies, in line with the ever growing ambitions.

Social Development

The social, cultural, artistic, environmental conservation and sporting activities that YILDIRIM has undertaken since its founding are an integral part of its corporate culture. Children and young people have always been the social focus of YILDIRIM Holding. In addition to the establishment of high schools, we support students by grantin scholarships.