January 17, 2022

We are happy to announce that in the scope of The Reconversion of the South Container Terminal Project, the three new ARTG's are operational at YILPORT Leixões!   The-state-of-art equipment will be operated remotely, after the first phase, they will be operated semi-automatically under supervision.   With this new equipment, we increased our capacity and efficiency and, we will reduce the service times of the trucks and the vessels at the terminal and contribute to reducing our environmental footprint.


January 20, 2022

YILDIRIM Group of Companies, a global industrial conglomerate based in Turkey, acquired 100% shares of Albchrome Holding sh.p.k., the largest chrome and ferrochrome company in Albania. The sales and purchase agreement was signed in September 2021, and the handover and closing processes were finalized on 14 January 2022.


Albchrome Holding sh.p.k. is an Albanian company that owns high grade chrome ore mines in Bulqiza Mine and Vllahen Mining, and the ferrochrome smelting plants in Burrel and Elbasan. Albchrome is the largest chrome ore and high carbon ferrochrome producer in Albania. The company has the capacity to produce 72,000 tons of high carbon ferrochrome annually, and owns more than 2 million tons of high grade chrome ore reserves. Founded in 1991 as a state company, Albchrome has one of the largest licenses to Europe’s chromium deposits, and exports ferrochrome to more than 50 countries. The chrome ore mine in Bulqiza has 38-44% grade chrome ore, and 2 ferrochrome plants in Burrel and Elbasan have a total of 4 production furnaces.


Albchrome will be part of Yilmaden Holding, YILDIRIM Group’s metals and mining subsidiary, which is ranked as the 2nd largest high quality high carbon ferrochrome producer, and the 4th largest chromium company in the World. YILDIRIM already owns and operates chrome mines, and ferrochrome production plants in Turkey, Russia, Sweden, and Kazakhstan. With the addition of Albchrome to YILDIRIM’s assets, the company has reached nearly 650,000 tons of annual ferrochrome production capacity, and become the one and only company to produce high carbon ferrochrome in 4 countries globally.


After the acquisition of AlbChrome, YILDIRIM will further strengthen its global position in the chromium industry, and continue its steady growth and consolidation strategy. YILDIRIM is committed to upgrade the company by transferring its technology and know-how, continuing investments to grow the capacity, and improve global sales of Albchrome.


Being a leading Turkish industrial group, YILDIRIM has been focusing on metals and mining, port management, fertilizers and chemicals, green energy, construction and infrastructure, and private equity financing, with more than 16,000 employees in 53 countries on 5 continents.


January 28, 2022

Being one of the leading companies of Turkey's domestic and national fertilizer industry, Yıldırım Group of Companies subsidiary Gemlik Fertilizer continues to support Turkish agriculture and Turkish farmers.

T.R. Within the scope of the campaign carried out as a result of the recommendations and guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Gemlik Fertilizer supplied the markets with a total of 88,000 tons of fertilizer in a single day on 17 December 2021.

Despite the rising fertilizer production costs, the company did not cut its investments in the Turkish fertilizer industry and did not stop its production, and made a special price study for this day. CAN%26 fertilizer was introduced to Turkish farmers with a 54% discount rate and a price of 7425 TL per ton, despite market conditions. While the development of Turkish agriculture and agricultural production were supported with the project, a great benefit was provided to our national economy.

The following statements are included in the statement made by Gemlik Gübre on the subject:

“We would like to express our gratitude to all dealers, cooperatives and officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for showing their interest in our campaign. As always, we declare that such campaigns will continue, although protecting and supporting Turkish agriculture and our farmers is one of our top priorities.”


January 28, 2022

A groundbreaking ceremony for the Soda Ash factory planned to be established by Yıldırım Holding Soda Ash and Derivatives Group was held in Jambyl, Kazakhstan, with high-level participation.The ceremony was attended by Kazakhstan Industry and Infrastructure Development Minister Beibut Atamkulov, Yıldırım Group of Companies Chief Executive Officer Yüksel Yıldırım, Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Ankara Abzal Saparbekuly, Zhambyl Province Governor Berdibek Saparbayev and Yıldırım Holding Soda Ash and Derivatives Group CEO İsmail Ceylan, as well as Many guests and members of the press attended.

With this huge investment of 400 million dollars, which is planned to start in 2024, Kazakhstan's 20-year dream will also come true. With the Soda Ash investment, Kazakhstan's position as a soda importer will be able to transition into the region's leading soda exporter position. The company aims to turn the region into a chemical production base with its other chemical investments in addition to Soda Ash.

The factory, which will be put into operation with a capacity of 500,000 tons/year in its first phase, will also be the first and only Soda Ash production facility in the world with zero waste technology, and will provide employment for 1,500 people during the establishment phase and 300 people after commissioning.


January 28, 2022

As Yılmaden Holding, minimizing our carbon footprint by focusing on renewable energy and alternative reductant material is one of the core elements of our environmental sustainability strategy. To serve this focal point, YILDIRIM ENERGY HOLDING as our EPC contractor is constructing a solar power plant at Eti Krom A.Ş.

The project will help lower our carbon footprint and has been planned with an installed capacity of 44.3 MWp. The electricity produced by the plant will amount to 70 GWh per annum. This equates to a reduction of Eti Krom A.Ş.´s Scope 2 GHG emissions by 23,417 tons of CO2eq, which corresponds to 12% of the total energy consumption. The completion date is set for Q2 2022.