January 17, 2022
Yilport High School, a pride and joy of YILDIRIM’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, has just graduated its first class of graduates. Built in 2017, Yilport High School consists of two schools in the same building. It has both a technical vocation school as well as an Anatolian high school inside the building. On Thursday July 5th a magnificent graduation ceremony was held for 50 students. We are excited to announce these graduates will bring business intelligence into the logistics sector. After the diploma and graduation ceremony students had a lot of fun with the food and musical entertainment. The Dilovası District Director of National Education, Murat Balay and the school Family Union administrators all attended the program. The school, which is constantly supported by YILPORT Holding and Garip & Zeycan YILDIRIM Foundation, is on its way to becoming one of the best vocational high schools in the country in-terms of physical space, equipment, and educational activities. The school provides a five-star vocational education with fully equipped classrooms, 4 computer rooms, a coding classroom, 2 music rooms, a skills workshop, the Z library, a science laboratory, an intelligence games classroom, an arts room, sports grounds and educational opportunities making the school stand out from all others. This year, for the first-time, scholarships will be given by our Foundation, to students attending university. YILPORT Holding will carry on supporting graduates by providing employment opportunities in the near future.


January 17, 2022
We began our new year by celebrating with our students in a prize giveaway and raffle for English W/Tech. The whole first week of the year, almost 100 prizes total were given randomly to students in a raffle for being active participants speaking in our English conversational classes. The gifts included items such as: portable speakers, selfie sticks, board games, books, educational programs etc. The New Year giveaway was done to bring cheer to our students, who range from ages 10-18, and unfortunately had a long year stuck at home due to pandemic lockdown. The giveaway was very successful in that students were very happy and appreciative of the gifts purchased from D&R and they encouraged their friends to join too.