Yılteknik has taken a big step in 2020 and developed its service portfolio. With the agreements made with Baur and Schneider companies, we strengthened our position in the market.

Adding new areas of experience to our role in the energy market, we became a main player in many areas. The first goal in the new calendar year is to expand the customer scale with the new operation lines.

The cable test vehicles, which were born from the Yılteknik brand in 2020, will carry the success in the manufacturing and distribution process to 2021. We want to continue to be the first choice of other public and private sector companies, especially electricity distribution companies. We aim to increase our market share with an effective marketing process in the sales and after sales processes, with technical support, spare parts and services.

Yılteknik continues its preparations to take part in important projects abroad in 2021 with its Swedish branch. Our company YETAŞ will continue to expand its portfolio in electricity supply.

We will continue to be among the leading companies in electricity sales. We will also play an active role in natural gas trade. As YILDIRIM Energy Investments Inc., which is a YILDIRIM Energy Holding affiliate, we will take part in important projects in order to establish and operate electricity generation facilities both in Turkey and abroad.