Garip & Zeycan YILDIRIM Foundation

The Foundation plans to continue the Happy Childhood Initiative by continuing support to Yarımca Ferrokrom School by sponsoring the annual April 23 Children’s Day Party. Next year this program will expand to more children, creating happy memories for cancer-stricken kids. We will offer support to an organization called “Laughter Heals Association” (Gülmek İyileştirir Derneği) which provides sanitized playrooms for cancer ill children as well as psychological counseling to their parents. The Happy Childhood Initiative will start sponsored “Movie Nights” for rural students in Elazığ. GZYV believes that movies expose children to culture and new worlds, expanding one’s mind and vision. This activity aims to help deserving children discover who they truly are, with hopes of enabling them to dream bigger about what they can become. Since many of these kids have limited opportunities and have not been to the cinema before, we hope this activity will touch their lives immeasurably.