Policy on Corporate Citizenship

Conducting business as a responsible corporate citizen is an indispensable aspect of YILDIRIM Group’s vision. Through its integrated Corporate Citizenship approach, YILDIRIM Group aims to set an example in the region and the sectors it is operating in. Human Resources

• We seek to promote and protect the rights defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations within our sphere of influence. We do not tolerate human rights abuses within our own business operations.

• We strive to provide our associates with a stimulating and challenging working environment and with opportunities for personal and professional development.

• We strive to build diversity by attracting, developing and retaining the best people from all cultures.

• We do not tolerate any form of exploitational labour.

• We believe in constructive dialogue between employer and employees and support the principle of freedom of association. Our Stakeholders.

• We recognize the interest of our shareholders, employees, customers, neighbours, the authorities and the public at large in our societal behaviour. We provide relevant information and actively listen to stakeholders. Health, Safety and Environment.

• The health and safety of our employees, neighbours, customers, consumers and all others affected by our business activities, as well as protection of the environment, have priority in all our activities.

• We strive to make efficient use of natural resources and minimize the environmental impacts of our activities and our products over their life cycle. Sustainability.

• All our business activities have to be in line with our core value of Sustainability, not only economically but also environmentally. Contribution to Society.

• We strive to pursue efforts to support literacy and education in all the locations we operate in.

• We always give priority to working with local merchants and service providers. Anti-Corruption.

• We do not tolerate corruption in any form, in line with our core value of Integrity. Integration and Compliance.

• Our business divisions allocate sufficient resources for full commitment to this policy.

• We foster awareness of and commitment to this Policy among our employees.

• We measure progress and verify compliance with this Policy, through regular management reviews.