Chief Financial Officer

Born in 1981 in Istanbul Turkey, Dr. Evren Ozturk is an alumnus of Marmara University’s Ph.D. program in finance.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he was awarded three master’s degrees from Marmara University, Yildiz Technical University and Gebze Institute of Technology in Financial Markets and Investment Management, Economics, and Strategy Science. He completed his doctoral studies in Finance and Accounting at Marmara University to receive his Ph.D.

Evren Ozturk joined Yildirim Group in 2005. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer and the Board Member of Yildirim Group, He undertook various responsibilities that ensured continuous growth and strong financial structuring for the Group, accumulating more than 25 acquisitions and mergers projects in a global scope. Here are some key points regarding his position in Yildirim;

• Oversight of Yildirim Holding’s financial relationships and obligations – at the group and an entity level
> Lead the Group’s capabilities across finance, capital raising, budgeting and expense management
> Instrumental in establishing strong corporate governance frameworks and a disciplined investment approach

• Strategic decision maker in the qualifying/quantifying and awarding of advisory mandates to the international banking community

• Managing Director of both Yildirim Asset Management & Yildirim Overseas Investments
> Ownership & oversight of investment strategies (both Private Equity and M&A) and shareholder relations
> Fundamental to the success and diversification of Yildirim Holding’s portfolio interests, both in Turkey and specifically internationally

• At the forefront of delivering exponential growth in EBITDA, revenues, and investment realization

• Critical to the success in securing significant and/or full ownership of highly strategic assets;
> Across multiple industries and positioning Yildirim as a market leader in a number of industry sectors

Dr. Ozturk is married with two children.