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 Metals & Mining



YILMADEN Holding was established in 2014 in order to consolidate YILDIRIM Group’s metals and mining subsidiaries under one roof. The Holding is currently comprised of 5 companies in 4 countries: Turkey, Sweden, Kazakhstan and Russia. Together, these subsidiaries make YILMADEN the 4th biggest player in the global chromium industry as well as the only company to produce chrome ore and high quality high carbon ferrochrome (HC FeCr) in 4 countries.

YILMADEN’s focus is on exploring, mining and processing mineral resources with minimal impact on the environment. The Holding exports top-quality materials to customers in more than 30 countries via well-located distribution centers all over the world.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, YILMADEN actively engaged in many projects in Europe and Asia-likewise, YILMADEN plans to expand its global network to include Africa and Latin America. The Holding continues to hunt for international opportunities and investments to develop its capabilities and productivity while placing sustainability at the heart of all its strategies, decisions and actions.

The world’s biggest hard lumpy marketable chrome ore producer, Eti Krom Inc. was founded as a state enterprise in the eastern Turkish province of Elazig in 1936. The company was acquired by YILDIRIM Group via privatization in 2004. Thanks to its well-developed underground mines, Eti Krom is the only chrome ore supplier in Turkey that can extract chrome ore all year round, including during the harsh winter season. The company has also made a name for itself with its excellent technical expertise in chrome ore beneficiation. Eti Krom has over 130 million tons of reserves and 22 licenses for mostly underground mines throughout the country, which are used to produce 1 million tons of chrome ore on average each year. The company is able to produce metallurgical (hard lumpy and concentrate) and refractory (hard lumpy and friable) ore grades. Eti Krom exports the high grade chrome ore extracted in various parts of Turkey in hard lumpy and concentrate form. Since 1976, Eti Krom has also been the only high carbon ferrochrome producer in Turkey. Following YILDIRIM’s acquisition, the idle furnaces were revamped and the plant was modernized to meet the growing demand for high quality high carbon ferrochrome. With 4 arc furnaces, Eti Krom’s fully integrated ferrochrome plant is able to utilize the high-grade chrome ore extracted from its own mines to produce 165,000 tons of high quality high carbon ferrochrome each year, with a slag recovery rate of 15,000 tons per year. Thanks to its wide variety of raw material supply, Eti Krom is able to deliver tailor-made products for special applications.

Founded in 2007 by YILDIRIM Group, YILKROM Mining and Energy Investments Inc. offers both local and international investors the chance to partner with YILMADEN’s experience and know-how in the mining industry. The company currently holds nearly 20 exploration and mining licenses corresponding to an area of over 180 square kilometers throughout Turkey. Although most of these licenses are for chrome ore, the company also holds licenses for lead, zinc, iron and barite sites. YILKROM has commenced detailed exploration activities that comply with international standards for all of its sites with exploration licenses.

In 2013, YILDIRIM Group made headlines in the international mining community when it acquired the chrome assets of Russian mining company Mechel, including the Voskhod assets situated in northwestern Kazakhstan. Voskhod Chrome is comprised of a state-of-the-art underground mine and a modern ore processing plant. The mine’s proven reserves are approximately 20 million tons with a chrome/iron ratio of 3.5:1-3.8:1, one of the highest in the world. Voskhod Chrome currently has an annual chrome ore production capacity of 1.3 million tons. In addition to providing chrome concentrate for chrome chemical, chrome metal and low carbon ferrochrome producers, the company also sources raw materials for Tikhvin Ferroalloy in Russia. Voskhod Chrome’s current beneficiation utilization is 1 million tons of raw ore, with a capacity of 1.5 million tons.

Established in 1874 in Vargön, Sweden, Vargön Alloys is one of the oldest ferroalloys producers in the world that has over 100 years of experience and know-how. Following its acquisition of Vargön Alloys in 2008, YILDIRIM Group made large-scale improvement and capacity increase investments at the plant. Vargön Alloys boasts 4 arc furnaces, including one of the largest in the world. The company’s annual high quality high carbon ferrochrome production capacity is 255,000 tons, with a slag recovery rate of 25,000 tons per year. The proximity of Vargön Alloys to ports and its access to suitable highway and railway options create a logistical advantage for the company. Thanks to its efficient transportation network, products can be delivered to customers and warehouses in the least amount of time.

Acquired by YILDIRIM Group in 2013, Tikhvin Ferroalloy (TFZ) is one of Russia’s biggest producers of high carbon ferrochrome with a chrome content of over 68.5%. Located in the town of Tikhvin to the southeast of St. Petersburg, the plant accounts for 30% of the country’s high carbon ferrochrome production volume. TFZ is equipped with 4 arc furnaces and has an annual high quality high carbon ferrochrome production capacity of 130,000 tons, with a slag recovery rate of 10,000 tons per year. As a relatively young plant launched in April 2007, TFZ is also renowned for being the most modern ferroalloy plant in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Following the acquisition of TFZ, YILMADEN became the 4th largest producer in the global chromium industry and reinforced its position as the world’s 2nd largest producer of high quality high carbon ferrochrome. The addition of Russia to the production chain carried out in Sweden and Turkey made YILMADEN the only global player to produce high carbon ferrochrome in 3 different countries in order to hedge political, economic and other risks for its long-term customers around the world. The consolidation of the production facilities at Eti Krom, Vargön Alloys and TFZ under one roof has enabled YILMADEN to respond to vastly different demands from its customers in terms of high carbon ferrochrome product diversity.

Yilmaden Holding extended its scope of business and products in ferroalloys industry by acquiring Bear Metallurgical Company (BMC) in September 2016 from Eramet Group of France. Founded in 1990, Bear Metallurgical Company is located on 18,210 square meters of land, and the company is active in Butler City close to Pittsburgh, PA in the United States. BMC is the leading producer and toll processor of high-grade ferrovanadium (FeV) and ferromolybdenum (FeMo) with guaranteed yield back to the clients. The company caters high-purity ferroalloys for the specialty steel for automotive and foundry industries. The plant produces up to 85% grade FeV, and up to 70% grade FeMo. It also keeps aluminum and sulfur content at a minimum. The company performs toll conversion of vanadium oxide to ferrovanadium (FeV) and the conversion of molybdenum (FeMo) using thermite process. The production capacity is over 9000 tons per year. The company uses petrochemical catalysts and recycled slag as raw materials. Typical sizing is 50x18 millimeters.

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